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April 2021


Paul Stockford

Advisory Board

Jim Lavery (DFCU)

Maryann Cusick (RCN)

Mark Pereira (Briljent)

Another Newsletter Winner!

Paul Stockford, Research Director, NACC and Chief Analyst, Saddletree Research,

Last month’s newsletter feedback feature asked the question what topics would be interesting enough to readers to get them to attend one of the many virtual customer conferences that will be coming up in the next few months. Overwhelmingly, it was all about the work from home(WFH) workforce. Specifics ranged from quality monitoring of a remote workforce to overcome productivity slowdowns that have resulted from the WFH workforce. In other words, from success stories to dealing with new challenges, it was all about the WFH workforce. 

One respondent to the feedback question was selected via random drawing to win the latest Amazon Fire 10 tablet, and that winner is Sean Bohl, Senior Director of Resource Optimization, Customer Experience Channels, at Banner Health. Our congratulations to Sean. Enjoy that new Amazon tablet. I can tell you from experience, they’re pure fun!

The NACC Annual Survey-From A Participant's Perspective

Mark Pereira, Trainer/On-Site Supervisor, Briljent, LLC

MarkPiereraIt’s time once again for the NACC’s annual survey of contact center professionals and I’m
writing this essay, as a participant and on behalf of the NACC, to ask you to support this effort and participate with us this year. I don’t work for the NACC and am, in fact, a trainer and on-site supervisor for a call center in Indianapolis, Indiana, but I’ve been a part of the NACC in one way or another for many years. 

For those of us who are NACC members, completing the survey is part of our membership. For those of you who are subscribers to this newsletter but not NACC members, I hope to encourage you too to complete this short survey and contribute to the research this not-for-profit organization conducts on behalf of the contact center industry.

You can find the survey at NACC2021 Survey (

’m told there are readers who participate in the survey every year, so I hope you and many others will participate this year so we can all share the benefits this survey will provide. This small investment of your time helps us gain insights into what is going on in the call center/contact center industry and it doesn’t cost a penny. This year’s survey focuses on what our lives will be like in the post-pandemic contact center. 

Your input is valuable, and I hope you’ll join me in completing the survey this year. When it comes to the research the NACC conducts, I’m reminded of the words of the Greek philosopher Epictetus, who said, “Survey and test a prospective action before undertaking it. Before you proceed, step back and look at the big picture, lest you act rashly on raw impulse.”


Picture of the Month

Look closely at this photo and you’ll see on the rocks a mother bobcat and her kitten.  This picture was taken looking out of the front window of my home office in the high Sonoran Desert of Cave Creek, Arizona.  The walkway leads up to my office door.  On this particular day I had one of my dogs sitting in the office with me when he suddenly started barking like I’ve never heard him bark before.  I ran over to the window and this is what I saw.  His barking didn’t seem to bother the bobcats at all!

How To Choose The Right Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Partner

Ale Gerbe, Quality Contact Solutions

With hundreds of call centers in the US alone, how do you choose the right inbound call center outsourcing partner to work with and help support your overall business objectives? How do you begin? What questions do you ask? How can you be sure that the partner you choose can support your business needs and meet your goals? No pressure.

A great outsourcing partner will have a solid foundation that is proven. They'll have long-term clients, regularly acquire new opportunities, and choose to only work with those who fit within their organization's values. At Quality Contact Solutions, we have seven core values that guide how we behave. One of the most important of those core values is what we call 'worthwhile work'. To us, worthwhile work is choosing to work with companies our entire team would be proud to represent, and that makes the team excited to do their job the best they can each day.

Explore the following five key areas to help you find the best inbound call center outsourcing partner to achieve your goals.

Talk Through the Organizational Alignment   

The first question all businesses should have in their first call with a possible partner is: "How can I make sure the inbound call center shares our vision and delivers our message correctly to our customers?" The most effective way to do so is by engaging with like-minded partners willing to engage in consistent communication and collaboration.  

Both parties need to understand that the business and call center share one common goal, your success. We pride ourselves on being client-minded first. We take time to carefully understand your culture, customer base, mission, and vision for the inbound centers. Using that information, we tailor our inbound call center team to embody your values through their customer interactions.   

Look for the Technological Package   

Ok, now that you are aligned on the mission and values, the next step is to look through the tools your possible partner has available to make sure the inbound team can handle your customers' needs. One of the extraordinary qualities that QCS offers is the customizability of our technology. An inbound call center is not complete without proper queue management, administration of call flow, and leverage tools like skill-based and bull's eye routing. Efficiency is critical, and you need to track and control your call flow in real-time. Never be afraid of asking outsourcing companies for tools and technology that will increase call center efficiency and remove tasks off your ever-growing to-do list.   
Keep Data in Mind    

Tools are not very helpful without the export of actionable and precise data. You need to ask your new partner for clear and concise information and data analysis from the inbound call center's performance. For example, QCS provides all our clients with access to a Tableau report that allows you to have a detailed daily performance view and a summarized chart reflecting weekly and monthly data. This is particularly important to create a proper analysis call center's impact on your KPIs and ROI.    
Ask about Workforce Management & Quality Assurance   

Your technology and vision can only be as good as your agents. You should be able to trust your outsourced center to have a robust quality assurance team. They need to have the proper training and day-to-day coaching to monitor their calls and provide real-time feedback. When outsourcing an inbound call center, you need to rely on your partner to provide "customer first" minded feedback. Also, the secret to effective workforce management is leveraging proper predictive tools. Forecasting inbound call flow correctly guarantees that staff is optimized and scheduled correctly.    
Consider Location, Location, Location   

The contact center world is constantly changing. More companies are looking for remote employees, which has opened many possibilities to improve staffing and productivity. Now, a call center can have employees from all over the US available to handle customer service calls. A call center can adjust hours of operations to cater to your clients throughout the country. Having an outsourced inbound center with a remote workforce creates effective redundancy to protect you in an emergency or natural disaster.   
At the end of the day, if you keep the five keys for finding the best inbound call center outsourcing partner top of mind when meeting with potential partners, you can be confident that you've made the right decision.

Getting Feedback from Employees


Closing Thoughts

Paul Stockford, Research Director, NACC and Chief Analyst, Saddletree Research,

There’s not a lot I can add to Mark Pereira’s essay at the top of this newsletter other than to echo our sincere hope that you will help us once again with this year’s survey.  The results will benefit all of us in the contact center industry, so your perspective is very important and the more participants we get, the greater the validity of the results.

Please join us and support our efforts by completing the survey at NACC2021 Survey (

Thank you in advance for supporting the efforts of the not-for-profit National Association of Call Centers.


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