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Calabrio C3 Customer Conference - A True Class Act
Paul Stockford, Research Director, NACC and Chief Analyst, Saddletree Research, Paul.Stockford@nationalcallcenters.org
It’s not very often that a contact center customer conference starts with a moment of silence to Tom Goodmanson3remember and honor those who had been killed or injured the night before, but that’s the way Calabrio’s C3 customer conference in Las Vegas started on Monday, October 2nd.  Rather than the usual high-decibel music, flashing lights and booming announcer voice that typically accompanies the opening session of customer conferences, this one started in a quiet, dignified manner when Calabrio CEO Tom Goodmanson took the stage and spoke in a respectful tone about the events of the previous night.

I’m sure readers of this newsletter already know of the horror that struck the Las Vegas strip at around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 1st.  Those of us attending Calabrio C3 were lucky enough to be about 15 minutes away from the strip at the Red Rock Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, so we were nowhere near the scene of the crime, but I don’t think anyone in the room for the keynote on Monday morning wasn’t affected one way or another by the events of the previous night.

After everyone observed a moment of silence and reflection, CEO Goodmanson began a keynote address focusing on employee engagement.  Not only did Goodmanson emphasize Calabrio’s commitment to its employees, he stated that Calabrio employees were his top priority followed in second place by customers and finally, Calabrio investors.  It was clear that this keynote was going to have a strong focus on employee engagement.

Throughout the presentation, Goodmanson talked about his and Calabrio’s desire to help their customers, and the contact center industry in general, to achieve what he phrased as “zero attrition” in the industry.  The NACC estimates that average turnover in the U.S. contact center industry stands at about 40 percent annually.  While zero attrition is a lofty goal for the industry, it is also a worthwhile goal and one that Calabrio is committed to.

The keynote address also gave Goodmanson the opportunity to announce the availability of both workforce management and analytics managed services.  He related a recent success for Calabrio’s cloud contact center in the rapid deployment of 4,000 agents to support Hurricane Harvey rescue and relief efforts in partnership with Teletech.

The keynote was also the first opportunity for many Calabrio customers to get to know Symmetrics, the company Calabrio acquired in April of this year.  Symmetrics enables access and integration of data from multiple supporting systems, including omnichannel routing systems, workforce management, customer relationship management, voice analysis, human resource management systems and custom-built applications. The platform provides customer-specific performance management measurement so business users and leaders can readily access the metrics they need in the format they prefer. Symmetrics blends unstructured and structured data in any format and from any source into an intuitive, holistic view of the organization.

Following the keynote session attendees broke up in order to attend the highly focused breakout sessions that addressed a number of industry and Calabrio-specific topics.  With as many as seven concurrent sessions addressing different topics, there was no shortage of opportunities to learn, to contribute and to network.

There was also no shortage of energy and enthusiasm from any of the attendees I met and/or had the opportunity to interact with during the breakout sessions.  Generous break times and networking events gave all attendees more than ample opportunity to get to know their peers and plenty of time to explore Calabrio and partner products in the product showcase.

I have attended many of Calabrio’s customer conferences over the years and they just keep getting better.  The venue for this year’s C3, the Red Rock Resort and Casino, was spectacular with a logical layout of the conference area that made it easy to navigate from one session to the other, find where the meals were being served, and most importantly, where the parties were after the day’s sessions were over!

Calabrio is clearly a company on the move, and the movement is in the right direction.  The growth in size and attendance of C3, which I have personally witnessed for the past several years, is testament to the way Calabrio treats both its employees and its customers.  In order to accommodate this growth, next year’s C3 will be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville.

Calabrio’s C3 customer conference, like Calabrio itself, was and is a true class act.  To learn more about Calabrio CEO Tom Goodmanson, be sure to read my column from the December 2016 issue of Contact Center Pipeline magazine, which can be found here.  To learn more about Calabrio, visit www.calabrio.com.
Create The Perfect Inbound Marketing Call Center Report
Melissa Hinrichs, Director of Client Services, Quality Contact Solutions, Melissa.Hinrichs@qualitycontactsolutions.com

Inbound marketing services is defined as a campaign or program where a company receives inbound calls which are generated by a variety of different channels, including digital marketing, TV ads, newspaper ads, flyers, mail, etc.
With inbound call center services, it is critical to have a good handle on call volumes and your company’s handling of those calls. If you’re like most companies, you’re spending significant money to get the phone to ring. Don’t waste that money by mis-managing the inbound team.
As an outsourced call center services firm, we help many clients with answering their inbound 8XX numbers, handling chat sessions, and answering emails. All of these contacts are lumped into “Inbound telemarketing services” for the purposes of this article.
As a senior leader in this industry, I’ve noticed that the biggest challenge with inbound call handling is that we don’t have as much control on the calls coming in or being handled, therefore it’s more challenging when it comes to hitting goals or staffing for such campaigns. This is compared to running outbound marketing campaigns where we know from the beginning how many leads we’re going to call and we have a good idea on how long it will take to make those calls. Therefore, for successful inbound marketing management, it is imperative that the reports you design are easy to read and helps you look for any patterns that may occur that will help the operations team determine the best plan of action.
With inbound reporting it’s important to not only capture the calls that the agents handled but also to drill down to the calls the agents didn’t handle. It’s easy to lay out what happened to the calls that the agents handled, either it was a sale or refusal or they called into the wrong number. Plus many times you have recordings to go back and listen to these calls to determine what took place. The not-so-easy part to determine is what happened to the calls that came in but no agent handled. Did the customer hear the greeting and realize they dialed the wrong number? Did they wait on hold too long and hang up? Or maybe they dialed outside the business hours of the campaign. Determining what happened to these non-handled calls are significant as well so your operations team can determine if they’re staffing correctly to handle the calls coming in. 
Understanding answered call and unanswered call trends will help the team hit their goals which of course is the ultimate goal, along with ensuring great customer service.
Here are some key factors to have on your inbound report.
Total Incoming Calls: These are calls regardless if answered or not
Calls Answered: These are calls handled by agents
Breakdown of the calls answered: Number of sales, Refusals, Wrong Numbers, Etc.
Breakdown of calls unanswered: These are calls that didn’t get to an agent 
It’s good to drill these down to the following areas: 
After hours: These are calls that hit your ACD outside of defined business hours.
Abandoned Calls < 30 seconds: These are the callers that hung up waiting to be answered, within 30 seconds of hitting your inbound queue. 
Abandoned Calls > 30 seconds: These are the callers that hung up waiting to be answered, after 30 seconds in queue.
Another section of the report that is key, is the time spent on the calls. With inbound reporting generally, the time being represented is in minutes instead of hours. However, it’s important to state that on the report so everyone understand what time frame is being represented.
Handled Time: The time it took to handle that call both while talking to the customer and wrapping up the call.
Talk Time: The time the agent spent speaking with the caller
Wrap Time: The time the agent spent after they hung up with the caller before releasing the call record.
Average Speed of Answer (ASA): This tells you on average how quickly the calls are being answered. This is a very important metric because it lets the operations team know if we are answering the calls in a timely manner or if a staffing change might need to occur. Or maybe it was just a spike in calls coming in for that time-period.
In Figure A below you will see an example of an inbound report that I have outlined the key components I mentioned above along with some other metrics that we use day in and day out with telemarketing.

And lastly, when designing the perfect inbound report, not only is it important to collect these key factors onto the report to help the team in making decisions for the duration of the campaign but it is vital to ensure that the presentation, accuracy and branding of the report is being represented as well.

Melissa Hinrichs is Director of Client Services for Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced inbound and outbound call center organization. Melissa leads a talented team that ensures client data and reports are delivered on-time and without errors. With more than 20 years of database management and reporting experience, Melissa loves helping her clients make better business decisions by providing them with relevant data and reports on a daily basis. Melissa can be reached at Melissa.hinrichs@qualitycontactsolutions.com or 516-656-5125.

Call Center Comics
 September 2017 2 
If you like this comic and would like to see more, write Ozzie at callcentercomics@yahoo.com and visit his website at http://callcentercomics.com or just click on the comic to tak you to his page. The NACC appreciates Ozzie letting us use some of his comics in our newsletter.   
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