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ACE Is The Place For Aspect Customers,Prospects,Fans 
Paul Stockford, Research Director, NACC & Chief Analyst, Saddletree Research,

Last month, I had the good fortune to be invited to Aspect’s customer conference, ACE, at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  From May 9 through May 11, the Cosmopolitan was alive with Aspect product news, conference sessions, networking activities and a more-than-ample supply of food and drink.  Aspect spared no expense or effort in making this a first-class customer event.

The conference kicked off with keynote address by Aspect Chief Customer Executive Officer Stew Bloom, who updated the close to 1,000 attendees on the previous year in Aspect history, providing a preview of the specific announcements that were to follow over the next two days.  Chief Customer Officer Joe Gagnon followed, talking about the shift from business to consumer as the consumer takes control in directing technology developments and how technology will be used in the future.  I agree with his assessment that there is a fundamental change occurring in the customer service industry and that companies that try to resist it will eventually find themselves in trouble.

Also included in the keynote presentations was the story of Edwardian Hotels London and their adoption of “Edward,” an artificially intelligent virtual host for their hotel chain.  In this session, presented by Edwardian Hotels Chief Technical Officer Michael Mrini, attendees learned how Aspect’s short message service (SMS) based chatbot lets Edwardian Hotel guests use text chat to access typical hotel services. Edward is the chatbot that fields guest requests and ensures those requests are met via a natural conversation experience between Edward and the guest.  I was extremely impressed by this concept, and I believe it is a precursor to text chat and other textual-based customer services that will dominate customer care in the near future.

Driven by millennial generation demands, I believe text chat is poised to become the next growth segment in the U.S. contact center market, closely followed by the global market in less than five years. The In Queue article following this ACE conference review tracks the growth of text analytics in the U.S. market over the past five years and offers clear evidence of market growth that will only accelerate in the future as the next generation of customers and workers demand customer care via the communications device favored by their generation – the smartphone.  Aspect is on the leading edge of this trend as further evidenced by the introduction of Aspect® Mila™.

Mila is an intelligent assistant designed with the contact center agent in mind. Once again designed for the millennial workforce that is starting to dominate the contact center industry, Mila acts as the personal assistant for these agents, many of whom are essentially demanding software tools at work that are as functional as the software tools and applications that they use in their daily personal lives.

Using conversational English, contact center agents can perform most of the common agent workforce tasks such as:

o    Viewing current schedule
o    Requesting schedule changes
o    Seeing pending schedule change requests
o    Determining available vacation time
o    Viewing bulletin board messages

Accessible from any mobile device, Mila takes the contact center and its workforce into the next generation of self-service while honoring the growing trend toward capturing and acting upon the voice of the employee.  This solution is bound to positively impact employee morale and retention. If you haven’t yet met Aspect Mila, visit

Also announced was Aspect Via™, the customer engagement platform in the cloud.  Like most other companies in the industry, Aspect is migrating its solutions to the cloud.  Unlike many other companies, though, Aspect is moving to the cloud in a measured, careful manner that will likely lead to an orderly transition that will positively impact Aspect’s financial performance and market acceptance.  Via is a comprehensive set of customer service capabilities that includes such state-of-the-art capabilities as omni-channel engagement, analytics, and all aspects of people and process optimization.  More information about Aspect Via can be found at

Overall, Aspect ACE 2016 was a high-energy, high-excitement event held in the entertainment capital of the country.  The combination of new products, new ideas, new industry directions, and a first-class event in a first-class venue combined to make for a memorable user conference experience. Aspect threw a party that their customers should remember for a long time, and pulled back the curtain on the future of customer service with its market-leading chatbots and vision for the cloud contact center.  I’m already looking forward to Aspect ACE 2017 next May 7 - 10 in Orlando.

"...Mila takes the contact center and its workforce into the next generation of self-service..."   

What's Up With Text Analytics? 
Paul Stockford, Research Director, NACC & Chief Analyst, Saddletree Research,

Customer service is rapidly becoming a text-based world of communications. Generational preferences led by millennials, who are already outnumbering boomers in terms of the number of consumers in the U.S., point to continued growth in textual customer care in the years ahead.  Growth in social media for customer service is also driving the need for solutions that can address what we believe will be a seismic shift in the way customer service is delivered in the future. Further proof of acceptance of text-based customer service can be found by looking at the number of text analytics solutions in the U.S. contact center industry over the past five years.

The table below illustrates the growth in purchase and deployment of text analytics software during the five-year period 2011 through 2015.  Actual text analytics penetration numbers are gleaned from the results of the survey of customer service professionals that Saddletree Research conducts each year in conjunction with the NACC.  Industry size numbers are the result of Saddletree Research estimates based upon the analysis of a number of industry and government resources.

In terms of the number of contact centers adopting text analytics during the historical period illustrated above, the industry saw a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) nearly 19 percent. Revenues increased at a faster pace due to gradually increasing prices during the five years leading to a CAGR of close to 29 percent.

We believe that text analytics has the potential to grow during the next five years at nearly twice the pace of the growth during the past five years.  As more contact centers turn toward analytics as a basis for customer service decision-making in the future, text analytics will be one of the fastest growing market segments in the U.S. contact center industry.

Call Center Comics 

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